Thursday, March 18, 2010

MegaCon 2010

Back from MegaCon 2010 artist alley. Is was super fun. These are my pictures. I suck at taking pictures. I only took pictures of my sketches mostly and I didn't even get all of them.

I did a really sweet Hulk bookmark and didn't get a photo. If you are the guy who got it then please send me a pic.

Blue Beetle.
The Thing. This guy's head is hard to draw. I am not sure I quite understand it.
That's my table
Parthenon. The actual dude from Stan Lee's hero show asked me to draw this. How cool is that?
Danielle Soloud had this great drawing of SuperGirl in Batman underwear. So I did a quick sketch of it. I did it super fast and thought it came out really well. Someone saw this on my table and picked up it.

This was the last drawing of the convention. I wasn't even doing it for anyone. It came out well I think. I wasn't trying to go for good, just crazy looking. I didn't get it too crazy looking cause I started to try to make it look good. But some of the original intention is still there.
This was the first drawing of the convention and I did it through out 2 days. It was inspired by the chesire cat.

Got some free trading card paper at the convention. Did the Mad Hatter and Harley from Arkum Asylum. Also another bookmark I did. Reminds me of another sketch I didn't get a picture of, I did kind of a sinister looking mad hatter, somone picked that up also. Send me pics!


  1. lol @ the superman one. I didn't know someone grabbed that! all these are so great!

  2. As the proud owner of the Thing sketch I think you did a fantastic job! I love your Hulk too- so much so that I bought the warm-up exercise you did on a scrap.

  3. Totally missed the bit about getting you a scan of the bookmark. I'm on it! You'll have it ASAP.