Monday, February 28, 2011

Wizard World Miami 2011

I am back safe and sound from Wizard World Miami.  It was a good show, great really.  I didn't know what to expect since it was the first one, but it seemed like a success.  It was for me.  I sold 3 large original piece of art.  I had sold smaller sketches and done some on the spot commission before but never a large completed art piece.  To the people that purchased them, thank you so much.  You really made my weekend.

Besides that, I didn't do many sketches.  Just a few, which is odd, cause I am usually busy all day.  The good news is that I did sell a lot of merchandise.  Prints, sketchbooks and copies of Cubicles (YEA!).

Bad news is that I was at my table the entire time. I have a really bad habit of never leaving my table. I don't leave for food or the bathroom. The worse thing is that I don't leave to see the other artist or any of the convention. So I miss out on a lot. One of these days.

So not many pictures to share but here a few.

 This is the first time I had a full 8' table.  So you can see I had no idea at first what to do with all the room.
I eventually figured out what to do with all the room. 

So here is one of my commissions.  I didn't have very many commissions yet somehow I still forgot to take pictures of them.  But at least I got one, I didn't take any at my last one.

Since I didn't have any commission I started sketch heads and it turned into this.  I actually like it and plan to do a more detailed piece based on it.

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