Thursday, March 31, 2011

MegaCon 2011

MegaCon was a blast.  Great crowd, super jam packed on Saturday.  That was to be expected with the Shat being there though.  That guy is a freaking rock star.

Anywho, I did some commissions and I actually took pictures this time.  I got most of them.  Though I did miss out on a few good ones.  Even a 10 minute head sketch which looked freaking awesome.  I had to finish it before they kicked the guy out.

 Started to channel my inner Jim Lee a little.

 Yeah, that's a stormtrooper playing Rock Band.


  1. I passed by your table a couple of times but you were always awamped. That's a good thing! I was going to talk to you about a sketch for my Stallone theme collection... perhaps at another show.

    Thanks for posting the pieces that you did!

  2. Hey Craig. Yeah, I was getting pretty beat up over the weekend. I'm still licking my wounds. I was drawing up until the last hour on Sunday. Phew. Fun times. Always feel free to come up and say hello though. I don't mind, drawing or not. I think I will have to raise prices a little, so I am not so swamped at the next show (Heroes in NC), but just let me know who you are and I will give you the MegaCon price. Would love to do a Stallone piece.

  3. Awesome work man! Hopefully I will see you at next year's show or at Heroes this year.