Monday, June 6, 2011

Heroes Con 2011

I survived HeroesCon 2011!  I am mega worn out.  After 3 days of convention, driving for 8 hours back home, 2 hours of sleep, and then working for 8 hours of work; I am pretty much ready to drop.

It was pretty fun though. I got Eric Canete's Chocolate sketchbook and an indie graphic novel called Rodd Racer.  I wanted to pick up this other book called Breathers but I missed my chance.  I found his website, so debating on print or digital copies.

Eric Canete
Rodd Racer

I also chatted with a couple of webcomikers.  They do a comic called Awesome Hospital.  It is basically a hospital drama but with awesome stuff.  Like ninja attacks and illnesses of rocking too hard.  Check them out.

Awesome Hospital

And now the photos.  My booth and all my commissions.

 I am so happy someone asked me to do a Harry Potter piece. I almost didn't want to give this one up, but it was in her sketch book, so I couldn't take it :-)

Thanks to everyone who got a sketch from me.  You all really made my weekend.

Mine's the Man Bat.

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