Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sirius and Harry Back together!

This piece went up over at Drawn Blanks.  A sketchblog I've started with some local artists.  Each week we select a new theme and we all do our own version of the subject matter.  So if you like my potter pic, please head over to Drawn Blanks and check out the other cool Harry Potter Art!  Drawn Blanks

So let's just get one thing clear.  I am a freak for Harry Potter.  I think the stories are just brilliant.  The world breathes. The characters are all so beautifully flawed that they are perfect.

Sirius is by far my favorite character.  Dark, brooding...maybe slightly insane.  I can relate.  And when "you know what" happened I was so pissed. GAH!

So maybe with the power of pencil and paper, I can give Harry, and myself, one more moment.

Below is a process shot.  I would like to say I copied at each step for teaching my process, but really it's because I am paranoid I will mess up at any given stage.

Finally there is a commission I did at Heroes Con that was the inspiration for this piece.  I was so jealous of the person I did this for, that I had to make one for myself.

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