Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Warmup: X-23

 A little X-23 action.  I've actually drawn her a few times, but I never quite get her right.  Eventually I will.  Also I want to start doing some more poses that overlap body parts.  So we will see how well they go.

Also the random face was a test of a new stylus I got and my ipad.  I used sketchbook mobile.  The stylus was from a Kickstarter project I backed.

The stylus works fairly well.  Way better then my finger.  But I have to press a little harder to get it to register.  Also the tip is rubber, it slides pretty well, but it also bends a lot.  So I feel like with all the quick movements involved with drawing and painting, I will eventually tear the tip off.

I did all of it on the ipad.  except the signature.