Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Trying to figure out my voice on Wolverine.  This is the Astonishing X-Men version...I think.   I went with the smaller ear things.  They are easier to understand.  I'm not sure I actually understand what the large ones are doing in 3 dimensional space.

I went back and forth a lot with how built/tall he should be and how square his face should be.   It was a really fun challenge, I must have drawn 100 heads of this guy.  I even did more odd shapes and caricature type stuff when I felt really stuck.

I included some of the digital ones I did.  The really weird and bad ones are locked away in my sketchbook though.

Sometimes he would be too thin, other times too big or too hunched.  I think I am pretty happy with this Wolverine.  I tend to want to draw really slim and tall people.  But that wasn't right for Wolverine.  But I also didn't like the almost troll body that some people do.  Actually I do like the troll Wolverine, but it just wasn't right for me.  Though I may end up giving him a little bit more of a hunch, to give him that prowling cat look.

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