Saturday, November 26, 2011

Top 50 Marvel/DC: #50

Brush Pen, Watercolor.  Watercolor paper 4.5x7.5
 I've started work on my next project. It's a supernatural, action story. It takes place in an alternate version of our world. It's a little Hellblazer meets Leage of Extraordinary Gentlemen. B.P.R.D meets Sherlock Holmes. It should be a fun book. I am shooting for a February 2012 release online. Yep it will be a webcomic... or should I say a comic that is on the web?

In the meantime, I still will be doing warmups and whatnot to keep the art skills up. So I decided to do a weekly feature called Top 50 Marvel/DC. I always have problem deciding who to draw. It tends to be the same character. Batman, Gambit, Deadpool, Harley, Gambit, Poison Ivy, Gambit.

PITT pen, watercolor. Watercolor paper 4x5
So Comic Book Resources was kind enough to put together a list of the top 50 Marvel and DC characters based on fan votes. So I am going to do 1 from each for the next 50 or so weeks as warmup practice pieces. I will be doing watercolor for the first few and then branch out to different techniques.

If you want to see the list go here

First up is DC: Death and Marvel: Vision. Who the heck is this Vision guy?

Top 50 is part of a series based on CBR's top Marvel/DC list.  To see the rest of the series look here.  Here is CBR's List.

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