Saturday, January 21, 2012

Top 50: #43

Human Torch 4x5 watercolor
Moving right along to #43.  I am actually familar with these two.  I hope this is a new trend.  Actually next week is another The Question.  Sigh, hats are so hard to draw!

I have my list of characters finalized almost.  Looks like I will have a top 25.  Only a handful of them are Marvel/DC.  Most are from created owned stories that really blew my socks off and would recommend you read them as soon as possible.

Next week Colossus and The Question.

Top 50 is part of a series based on CBR's top Marvel/DC list. To see the rest of the series look here. Here is CBR's List.

Supergirl 4x5 Watercolor

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