Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cubicles Reboot

So the first strip of Cubicles will go live tomorrow. Anyone who read the Zuda entry will notice some serious differences. First of all it is a daily strip now. Well daily as in I will update Monday and Friday. Monday will be office hijinks and then on friday we dive into Wally's psyche.

Eventually I want to set up on own web site for cubicles using comic/wordpress. But I have to learn how to use that. So for now it is living on Drunk Duck. Once I get the comicpress setup I will still post to drunk duck.

I've included some character sketches and the new logo. I had to redo Wally's design because I think it looks way too much like Wally from the Dilbert strip. So he has a little more hair and lost the glasses.
Here is the link to Cubicles' home on

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