Friday, July 8, 2011

Marvel Girl Sketch Cards

Did these to practice with my copic markers.  I have to say this is a great way to learn how to use markers quickly.  I had been doing full 11x17 illustrations and doing markers on those.  But after spending so much time on them, I was worried about messing it up during the marker phase.  So I would play it safe.  But just whipping out a small sketch card is nothing.  So I was more adventurous when it came time to color them.  The main thing I was trying to play with was secondary, colored lighting.  I have these pieces in the order I did them, left to right, top to bottom.

So you can see with the Psylocke piece that was kind of rough with the pink lighting.  So much so that I didn't do any secondary lighting on the white queen.  Then with She-Hulk I did a little bit, but I did some background elements.  Even the the lighting was small, I was pretty happy with the suit rendering.  Then came Mystique.  Here I just threw the purple highlights on right away.  Previously I would color everything and just leave open white spaces for the secondary lighting.  So I went with the secondary lighting first on Mystique so I wouldn't have to be worried about ruining anything.  Also it was a head shot so it was quicker to create.  Overall I was pretty happy with it, looks better in person.  They all do.  Last was Storm.  I am really happy with this one.  I did all the blue lighting on the body first and then I went to town with my new Gelly Roll White Pen.

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