Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 50: #45

Pickle and Trish 4x5 Watercolor
Loki 4x5 Watercolor
Flash 4x5 Watercolor
So this week I didn't do a character from my Top 50 list.  The guy and gal up there are my characters that I am currently working with.  Pickle is the dude in front and Trish is the lady in the back.  It should be a fun little tale.  If you've been following my stuff for awhile you might recognize the name Pickle.  He was one of my first comic story creations.  He's changed a bit and his partner has had a sex change.

The next character on my list was supposed Green Lantern (Hal) and I got to thinking why he was on my list.  Sure, he was my favorite character when I was a kid.  I thought he had the coolest outfit and his powers were wicked cool.  But I think it was mostly that he looked really cool.  Maybe that is why I like green so much today.

But now, I don't really follow the character, I didn't read Blackest Night.  Actually I don't read much superhero stuff (except Invincible, which rocks hard).  So long story short (too late) I decided I am going to revamp my top 50 list.  First off, maybe not 50 characters, maybe only 20.  Also there won't be many Marvel/DC characters, maybe 1, maybe 2.  And they may not all be comic characters.  Who knows.  So until I finalize my list, it will only be CBR's top list.

I will start my list up when I figure out how many people are on the list.  Next week Deadshot and Thanos.

Top 50 is part of a series based on CBR's top Marvel/DC list. To see the rest of the series look here. Here is CBR's List.

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