Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 50: #46

Galactus 4x5 watercolor
My pick this week is Galactus. I don't know much about him. The first time I drew him, I gotta admit I didn't really get it. But I had a lot of fun drawing him. I've realized I've made my top 50 list as a kind of a 'I want to draw this character' as opposed to anything to do with the character's personality or story. Though once we start getting into the higher numbers, we will get into some character's I've actually read stories for. We will also get out of the Marvel/DC universes. Yay!

Don't know much about Spider Woman or Blue Beetle. I do love Beetle's costume though...But I do not like drawing it :-)

Top 50 is part of a series based on CBR's top Marvel/DC list. To see the rest of the series look here. Here is CBR's List.

Blue Beetle  4x5 watercolor
Spider Woman  4x5 watercolor


  1. That Galactus if freaking awesome! You've given him an overhaul but it still retains his likeness well!

  2. Thanks man. I didn't do too much reference look up for him. I am kind of drawing the version that lives in my head.