Monday, February 20, 2012

MegaCon 2012

Another great year at MegaCon.  This con just keeps getting better and better.  They expanded the convention this year and it was huge.  It wasn't SDCC huge, but it was big.

I want to thank all the fans, friends and just curious people who swung by my booth.  If you picked up a copy of Cubicles, commissioned me for art, purchased a print or even just flipped through my book and had a conversation then I want to say you ROCK!

Best moment of the convention for me?  I look up and who should appear?!?!?

None other then then awesome that is Brent Spiner A.K.A. Data from Star Trek Next Generation.  This dude was my hero, I loved ST TNG.  Data as Sherlock Holmes were my all time favorite episodes.  So I had a total fan boy moment and freaked out.  I hope I didn't embarass myself too much.

He was totally awesome, I gave him a copy of the drawing I did of him.  He was kind enough to sign the original piece and also take a picture with me and gave me a fist bump.

This was an insane piece.  It was 11x17 overnight commission.  Actually I should say early morning into midday commission.  The concept is crazy awesome.  It is the 3 storms from Big Trouble in Little China but with Spawn, Ghost Rider and Cloak.  He also wanted the composition to be taken from the 'The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly' posters with the 3 cards.  Not too mention a dude being wiped out of existence similar to the new 'Darkest Hour' movie.  Fun piece!  Thanks for the challenge!

This was for Thomas.  I've been to MegaCon 3 years in a row and Tom has gotten a piece from me each of those 3 years.  I can't really thank him enough for all the support he's given me, especially that first year when I was just a scared dude with no idea what I was doing.  Thanks man!  You can check out the other sketches I've done for him at his gallery Gallery .  I think I've been improving...

These next two were also for a big supporter.  He's come by all three years as well.  Hell, second year he gave me a silver sharpie which has served me well ever since.  I still have it and use it to sign pretty much everything.  Also these are my first pre-con commissions I've received, so that was an awesome moment.  Thanks Will!

Ok, so Gambit is AWESOME!  I want everyone to ask me to draw Gambit.  How can you not love this dude?  This was also my first convention watercolor commission.  I think it went really well and I had way more fun with this then the copics.  It wasn't even all that messy.

MOOR watercolors!  I actually had fun drawing all of Iron Man's armor.  When I hear Iron Man I cringe a little inside, but I think this came out really well.  I can't wait to draw him again.

 Another first!  My first sketch cover.  If I thought I got nervous drawing in someone's sketch book, this is just as bad.  At least a sketchbook has another page.  There isn't any other pages with this...maybe the back cover?  I think I could have fit some more swords in there....

I actually missed a picture of a sketch that I though came out awesome. but I am sure my boy James will hook me up.  Also I have an Avenging Spider-Man sketchcover I still need to do.  I don't know how I feel about doing a cover when Joe Mad's art on the inside, but I am going to do my best to rise to the challenge.

And here's my booth.  Peace out, till next year or C2E2!

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