Saturday, February 25, 2012

Top 50: #41

MegaCon 2012 craziness is over. Had to put my life on hold as I prepared for the comic convention craziness. Then I do it all over again in April for C2E2. First time at that show, really looking forward to it. Until then, let's start up these top 50 again.

Preacher from DC. I know nothing about this guy. I tried to do a little research and still didn't really understand what it's about. So I pretended he was Hellblazer. So for fans, sorry if I got him completely wrong.

Then Iceman. I loved him on the old 80s cartoons. But I gave him some pants because...well, I'd be wearing pants.

Next week Hank Pym, dude with too many personalities. Also Huntress. Every time I try to draw her, I fail. Will I succeed this time? Tune in to find out.

Top 50 is part of a series based on CBR's top Marvel/DC list. To see the rest of the series look here. Here is CBR's List.


  1. Preacher is a great comic with some f'd up stuff. the basic premise is a preacher that gets possed by a being that rivals God's power. This Preacher fellow goes on a quest to make God attone for his wrong doings against the human race. A lot more to it than that, though.

    1. Aha. Thanks for the explanation. That sounds kind of interesting, may have to check it out.